Antela Consulting LLC was founded to serve as your long-term advisor as you expand your business into international markets. Our multidisciplinary expertise offers a particular focus on the rapidly growing practice of using alliances such as joint ventures, partnerships, license agreements, and coalitions to build an overseas presence.

We have over a decade of experience helping companies expand their operations overseas. We honed our experience in private industry, Big Four Accounting firms, and law firms. We have provided medium and large-sized companies with the strategic insights and operational skills required to identify new growth opportunities and develop and successfully execute the appropriate plans for expansion.

Our clients know the effectiveness of this approach at first hand. They include U.S. companies that seek to expand beyond their national borders, as well as European companies that wish to establish or grow their business outside of their established European markets.

Our name, “Antela,” comes from the Spanish “antelación”, which means “to anticipate” or “to do in advance.” It is inspired by our vision that anticipating and planning your business moves is the best way to remain flexible and adaptable. Strategy is our key driver.